Breaking Siargao Island News! We’ve had confirmation today that the cloud nine night surfing will go live this evening. After over a year of waiting cloud 9 will finally be lighting up. The founders faced many problems along the way, the main delay was due to the insufficient electricity supply required to power the 10 [...]


Sept 17 – Oct 03 2011 Cloud 9, General Luna Siargao Island Philippines   National Surfing Cup : Sept 17-20 2011 In it’s 13th year, top local surfers like Carlito Nogalo and 2010s champ Edito (Piso) Alcala will of course be attending. The amount of local talent this year is unbelievable and there are many [...]

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Lemon Surfstar D Dines is not only known as a fun and jolly guy but also someone who wears many different hats and that is why he calls himself the “surf star” – helping his fellow surfers and doing a lot of things for the good of his community. As a local surf instructor for [...]


Cloud Nine Surf tour continued in Baler and we chanced upon the 3rd Annual Baler Beginners Surf Competition. It was set on April 8 to 10 at Sabang Beach Baler. It’s on its 3rd year sponsored by Surfari Philippines and Mahdox Surf Shop & School together with Aloha Boardsports. We expected less but it turned [...]